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Latvia in the European Union

Latvia is a European country and, accordingly, it shares the ideals, values and basic principles, forming the basis of the European Union.

Since the country was invited to begin EU accession negotiations in December 1999, Latvia had made considerable progress to bring its legislation into line with the ’acquis communautaire’, closing 16 out of the 29 chapters opened for EU accession.

In 2003, the European Commission issued a report on each candidate country’s preparedness to adopt and implement the EU acquis where Latvia was recommended for EU membership.

A referendum on entering the European Union took place on September 20, 2003. In accordance with the report of the Central Election Commission, 67 per cent of the country’s 1.4 million eligible voters approved joining the union while 32 percent voted against it. On September 21, 2003 Latvians celebrated vote in favour of EU.

In 2004 the biggest ever enlargement of the European Union took place — 10 new countries joined it. On May 1, 2004 Latvian flag was solemnly lifted in Brussel.

Latvia as well as Belgium , France, Sweden, Spain, Ireland and other EU countries is a country with stable democracy that must guarantee the rule of law, human rights and protection of minorities, and it must have a functioning market economy and a civil service capable of applying and managing EU laws.

Permanent representation of the Republic of Latvia to the European Union, with more than 60 diplomats and employees, is Latvia’s largest diplomatic mission abroad.


Permanent Representation of the Republic of Latvia to the European Union

Avenue des Arts 23,

1000 Brussels


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